Thursday, April 12, 2007

Don't imitate; immolate


There’s a fine line between theft & homage,
but then again, plagiarism’s hot right now
& not all that illegal. I left my morals & mores
at the grad school door: Talent Borrows, Genius
, said the “welcome” mat. I was afraid of that.
That & a tattered dictionary, bound in duct tape.
You can learn a lot from old film stills
about sizzle & flash & clumsy lovers,
being in the right place at the right time, & so on.
My thesis advisor said not to come full circle, but
was humming “The Circle of Life” at the time.
The best advice? To avoid the device. Has any butler
figured out how to commit the perfect crime yet?
I can’t say I’m quick, but I can say I’m crafty.
When should I add the shark attack? What’s plot but a
cheap ruse. A shark only attacks when a shark has
nothing to lose. I quoted the shit out of your metaphor.
A personality transfusion is really just booze &
a hack job is better than no job. I feel like I am
the story, hurtling to an inglorious end.
It’s dead now, so I can’t give it back.