Sunday, April 1, 2007

So long Martin, & thanks for all the bouts


Crystal sky key forever!--the spam I love
is good enough to eat. It’s not 2004
anymore & I’ve got the moves to prove
it--when I do The Worm, it’s gummi/sour.
My ivory tower is higher than your brow
raised over your copy of The Golden Bough.
As far as the what flies? Don’t say crow,
& don’t try to cover it up w/ a cough.
Why does “sacrifice” always involve slaughter?
You can’t make laughter w/ Play-Doh,
& you can’t lead a lamb to the laughter
factory, not on my watch. A ship on a rough
swatch of blue felt can only result from hubris
in art class. Look out for that scrim of debris.